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0 votes
I received 2 souvenirs erraneously by logging caches with the "wrong" GC-number. I was aware of this immediately after sending the logs by receiving "wrong" country souvenirs. Afterwards it was easy to delete the "wrong" logs and send the right ones. This corrected my numbers, my history and statistics. But it did not remove the wrong souvenirs (1 x Ontario (Canada) and 1 x Massachusetts).

Does anybody know who could correct this (small) error?
closed with the note: helped me and purged the two souvenirs as requested.
in Support and help by H_M_A (1.9k points)
closed by H_M_A

2 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer
There is no way for you to fix this yourself. You need to contact Groundspeak support and ask them to help you.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (195k points)
selected by H_M_A
+2 votes
Thanks for this advice.

The guys and girls at Groundspeak support did help me within hours and these 2 souvenirs were purged.
by H_M_A (1.9k points)
do you have the name of theses person because a freind of mine made the same mistakes and no one knows how to purge the souvenirs...
Contact them through the form on the bottom of this page: