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On a DT search I can specify that I would like to try and complete that grid using only Multi-caches or Unknowns or Larges or Micros etc. and it will show results only for that specific type of cache.

I would like to see expanded search filters for this and other grid searches.

Primarily, I would like to work on completing things like my Jasmer/Fizzy/Day Grid of possibilities by a geographic location.  So for instance I want to complete the available Jasmer grid for the state of Texas or I would like to do a Fizzy results for finds and possibilities just for California.  

I am thinking of challenging myself to complete a Fizzy Grid in several states and currently I am checking that information manually - which is a pain. Pretty sure all the data is in the project-gc database to do this fairly easily and I know the "check by functionality" exists for container types and sizes so dont think it would be a large effort
in Feature requests by diorex (580 points)
A workaround is to ask somone to add a challenge checker for that. Almost all checkers can filter by area. and they don't need a challenge associated with them

I you want to I could create the one you like. Pleas list the states.
A checker could say which cells are missing, but I think the request is to be able to map the available caches to fill those cells. For example, if I am missing 10 D/T cells in Texas (for example), I then have to do potentially 10 different searches to find out what caches are available in Texas to fill the grid.
yes but search 10 diffrent DT on  map compare or by using the DT matrix tool and and some loops and DT filter is not that hard as a workaround. Select only the caches with missing DT and add the to the VGPS.

 It is likely that you are missing the same DT in a stat as you have the lowest number of find on totally.

I tested it on the original posters in Texas for a DT matrix. 11 are missing and they are all but 2 are T4.5  or T5. All with a single D och T can be filterd out in on one page. Do the same with T4.5 and then with the two 4/3 and 5/2 you have the result in 4 pages that all can be added to the VPGS

I assumed that the checking manually was to know what DT was logged in the area not what DT that was missing. checkeig what you have is hard work but finding what is missing is alot easier to do
While I appreciate the offer of a checker, I dont think it makes sense to solve this particular request using checkers.

1. You would need to literally create hundreds perhaps a thousand or more checkers to accomplish this for all possible combinations of countries and states across several different grid types. I doubt I am the only person thinking about these kinds of personal geocache challenges.

2. It would be much harder to account for loops or other considerations without creating specific one off checkers. Say I wanted a specific state and a Traditional only Fizzy grid - or I want to do a second loop of Jasmer this time concentrating on only puzzle caches in a state etc. With filter functionality already on the Jasmer and Fizzy searches this seems relatively straightforward if a geography filter is added as a premium feature.

3. I think storing search functionality only in challenge checkers is a bad idea. It locks it away from members of the site who dont automatically think to search the checkers or who cannot write their own - for me personally I use the checkers only when I see a challenge with one linked. The challenge checkers have tons of cool features that should be published through the site and made more generally available.
I agree that is not a replacement for the functionality.

There is a reason that I describe it as a workaround, a way to do it until the right way to do it is available, if you wanted the information to complete the DT matrix in multiple states before/if it is not implemented. I am not a part of the development of the website so I have no idea if/when it will be added.

Another way to do it is to use GSAK or another similar program to find out your current matrix and look for new caches to log on PGC

1 Answer

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Matrix map on pgc is good for this
by Ficule (820 points)
Actually it does not address what I requested. It cannot currently tell me what D/T I am missing for finds exclusively in a region. It can tell me everything I am missing as a whole that is in a specific location, but if I want to filter any of the grids by a specific location, I have to do that by hand.

The only filter like this currently available is the by type filter on the D/T search. There is no "for caches found only in" geographic filter anywhere, nor is there search functionality filters like the D/T functionality on other filters - for instance if I want to do a jasmer of multi-cache finds only that can only be done by hand.