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In statistics: Which cache was this?

+13 votes
I would have liked profile statistics numbers to be clickable, especially my own, and especially when they are small: Say I have a 1, 2, 5 (or even 137) in e.g. "finds by hidden month", "DT chart" or "collected attributes", it would be nice to be able to click the figure to see which cache(s) this was.
asked Aug 2 in Feature requests by chrmberg (270 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
That would make a great addition in my opinion.
Also when I look at my ProfileStats, I always wonder what caches I found by a certain owner. Would be great if those were clickable too.
answered Aug 5 by Jozien (190 points)
0 votes
Here the other day another thought occured. Whenever I see that the number of caches I have found that have later been archived increases, I head over to, look through all my logs to see which this was. How about making that number clickable in project-gc, too?
answered Aug 12 by chrmberg (270 points)