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Does Project GC use GSAK in the background?

+1 vote
I was just wondering if learning to use GSAK would help me be able to use Project GC in a more efficient way?
asked Aug 6 in Miscellaneous by Inmountains (130 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

There are really two questions here, so I will attempt to answer them in turn :)

1) Does Project GC use GSAK in the background?

In short: No.

Both use the Geocaching Live API to interact directly with's web servers. GSAK has other options, but the preferred way to get up-to-date data into GSAK would be the Geocaching Live API. Read more here:

There may be more relevant links, but you should be able to get the big picture from the ones above. Other readers of this thread are welcome to add them as comments.

2) Would learning to use GSAK help me be able to use Project GC in a more efficient way?

That depends. The short answer is: maybe.

The long answer is that geocaching uses a data model and processes data that can be modelled through relational databases (which is probably the case). GSAK has a very data-driven approach to handling this data as it is, so maybe through getting more acquainted with relational data processing you would get a better understanding of the data model of geocaching, and thus be "more efficient" at using

I hope this answers your question? If not, please clarify :)

answered Aug 7 by Funky_Boris (5,630 points)
And finding some caches for challenges are easy in GSAK and not on PGC since you have more search option on gsak.
Search on owenr name gc code and attributes works better in GSAK but other like missin DT /months/days works better on pgc
Good point. They each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Being able to use both and to pick which one to use in a particular scenario probably constitutes "being efficient" in this context :)