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Wrote a basic checker to search for a configurable number of logs given a bookmark list. This is mainly for a cache I am currently working on but could also be used to provide checkers for a number of other challenges who cannot currently be resolved using the current API and/or which have very specific requirements (e.g. CCC6 - The City Bowl Peaks Challenge (GC3T4X0)).


The script was initially based off some others (by lilfiluren and Target.) which I found and at the moment it is very simple but I'd be happy to add features/functionality if there is anything else people want to see.

in Miscellaneous by OneMatchFox (160 points)

1 Answer

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Please, check this script:

Bookmark Challenges (by 

It has several useful variables / configurable parameters. Example of tagged challenge:

by Rikitan (3.5k points)
Thanks. Not sure why I missed that one before... Will take a look.