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no more notifications for photos in log since...longtime ago!

+3 votes
i didn't receive anymore mails for image in logs on my caches, thanks!
asked Aug 8 in Bug reports by nicoo07 (150 points)
Now you mention it, I don't recall getting any either...
None for me, either.

3 Answers

–5 votes
You must show the log on to view the photo.
answered Aug 15 by Ficule (440 points)
i talk about Premium Project GC feature....
I think that OP is referring to the "Log images notifications" feature listed under notification settings:

The page notes that the feature is in beta and that checking it will make you "Receive a daily email digest with all new/updated log images on geocaches that you own. Note that there is no guarantee that we snap up every change, and neither that we will snap it up within the first 24 hours. Your first email will contain all log images, after that you will only get new ones."
+1 vote
I just got an email with a bunch of photos.  The earliest I saw was from July 11th and ran through current.
answered Aug 17 by The NightFox (340 points)
I also received one tonight.
+1 vote

Today in the morning I got mail (after very, very long time :) )

answered Aug 17 by drobec (3,090 points)