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0 votes
I am assuming this has to do with the recent changes/upgrades to the site. just thought you should know, trying to build a gpx file in virtual gps, it doesn't matter what county I use, when you look at the map it puts one geocache by the equator in Africa, I am in British Columbia . I didn't notice this at first but when I added the gpx file to Gsak the miles were way out of wack , probably using the distance from that spot?  7734 miles away
in Support and help by rockn'roll (610 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
My guess is that you have added a geocache that pgc dont know about and it have the name null and have coord 0.0 0.0 at the equator i the Gulf of Guinea. Adding unpublished or published and not detected caches by pgc have that result.

Remove the incorrect cache and the problem will be solved
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
If I remove one than another, takes it spot, seems to be a lot of caches with 000000 coordinates in the corrected coordinates spot on the virtual gps when there shouldn't be any, anyway of taking them out myself or is it a glitch or do I wait for PGC to catch up?