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virtual gps search fails on corrected coordinates [closed]

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I've several virtual GPS instances in my list. Some are mine and some are shared from other persons here (visible by the add of '(shared by ...)' as the list's name.

Because these lists contains (mystery) caches with real corrected coordinates and some to solve and therefore without such data, I tried to search for them through the "glass" below the matrix table.

I try with "corrected latitude" with different settings in the selection, but no one works.

First I thought that this might be a problem of the selected UI language, but the behaviour is the same on the english UI.

Any idea?
closed with the note: solution in 'best answer' its comment two
asked Aug 20, 2017 in Bug reports by itsbrody (2,260 points)
closed Nov 11, 2017 by itsbrody

1 Answer

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Best answer
If I search one of my lists using "Corrected latitude" and "begins with" and set the search string to 56 it displays all caches that has a latitude of 56

The search is done using a different format than the one displayed which is a tad bit confusing ;)
answered Nov 6, 2017 by endator (2,290 points)
selected Nov 11, 2017 by itsbrody
starting with 'begins with' and the first two digits works (at least with Northern area coordinates). Do you have more information about that special format and how it is going on? What about the southern area? Or east/west in latitude column?
oh, sorry.

It uses decimal form so for example N 47° 42.405 E 009° 24.619 would
 translate to 47.812500 and 9.571944.

Ah, yes.
Now I know, what you mean with confusing - thanks for clarifying finally.