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Some filled counties have been removed and (apparently) placed into a category for Georgia, the country. Any reason why this might suddenly be happening, or if there's anything to be done about it? Here's a screenshot:

Much thanks.
in Bug reports by KalahariFox (230 points)

1 Answer

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We accidentally introduced a bug yesterday while rewriting some code. The code was related to matching regions and counties to geocaches. We then produced a copy paste error, we used the same function to find both the region and county. Example:
$region = GetRegionFromCoordinates(latitude, longitude);
$county = GetRegionFromCoordinates(latitude, longitude);

The later should obviously be GetCountyFromCoordinates().

Anyway. The effect of this was that on ~100,000 geocaches we assigned the region as both region and county. Therefore you "lost" a lot of counties, and gained a county with the same name as a region.

Then the code rendering Profile stats added a flag because it existed. The country flag for Georgia isn't correct for state Georgia of course, but the code didn't understand this. It was just unlucky that there was a country with the same name.

The bug was discovered yesterday around 8 pm UTC. However, we didn't know exactly which geocaches was affected and had to recalculate the data for ~250,000 geocaches. This took a few hours, and meanwhile we produced effects like this.

The issue is corrected and the data has been corrected by now. Next time your Profile stats renders a new version, the map will be correct again.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by magma1447 (Admin)
Let he who has never made a mistake while programming cast the first stone...
Has the region level of Luxembourg changed?