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+8 votes
The feature I have been missing the most in new cache notifiers is the option to get an email when a certain owner has published a new cache. I have a bunch of owners I like a lot and would be glad to receive a notification if one of them has created a new cache. With only geography-based filtering I get a lot of false positives.

It would be fantastic if I could set up a list of cache owners in the PCG new cache notifier section and get an email if one of these owners has published something new. Additional filtering for cache type would also be nice.

I hope also other users might find this an useful feature.
in Feature requests by uschoen (300 points)
Indeed, I would also consider this useful, in particular, I know a few owners who set up interesting events which would be covered this way as well.

2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
This is now implemented (not sure when), at the bottom of you have a "Cache owner" field
by kamla (1.1k points)
selected by uschoen
–2 votes
I think that this kind of request should be sent to Geocaching HQ...
by Zoidrums (1.7k points)
No, this is about the feature request of PGC cache notifiers: