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+3 votes
It would be SOOOO helpful if the Challenge checker map had the caches listed, similar to many of the other mapping. It would allow cachers to select challenges and load them quickly to a Virtual GPS for exporting! For those traveling and loving challenge caches, this would be a GREAT feature and time saver.
in Feature requests by Blues Crew (2.4k points)
You do know you can select by drawing a polygon on the map right? On the left side there is a polygon pull-out menu. If selecting all is what you are looking for.
Yes, I now see how to use the polygon map and it works. It is still nicer to see the listing with GC numbers etc.  The Challenge maps have a habit of including caches that are not challenges but have challenge in the title.  And the list just adds finer control before you download and then have to cull out what you didn't want.

1 Answer

0 votes
I do exactly what ganja1447 says to do, I draw a polygon around the challenges and add them to the virtual gps. I put them in my phone so I always have them handy.
by rockn'roll (610 points)