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Link in GC profile without influence on PGC points

+1 vote
I added the badges and my profile stats to the GC profile 2 weeks ago. I wonder about my pgc points doesn`t increase. Does anybody know why?
asked Oct 27, 2017 in Bug reports by TaCacheI (560 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer
Just adding the stats to profile does not significantly increase your points. I am having stats there for all year long, and I have only 1.70 points for this item at this moment. The points are probably increased by views, clicks and using of these statistics from profile by other people, which is the only measure that would make sense here (though I can not confirm that since I do not know the real algorithm). Just keep patience.
answered Oct 28, 2017 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
selected Nov 7, 2017 by TaCacheI
Ah, thanks a lot, Jakuje!
So I misunderstood the explanation on project-gc.
There is written: "By usage of stats, bages, ...".
I will follow your suggestion keeping patience.