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I included the HTML code for the dynamical picture with my statistics in the About section of my Geocaching profile. The profile stats from project-gc are displayed fine, but there is the message "Please authenticate us with your Groundspeak account to get a lot more features." at the beginning. I already linked my account. Therefore, I am confused how to solve this issue. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much in advance!

in Bug reports by chstdu (250 points)
Same issue here. Some of the design changes probably reflected to the profile stats images generation. This needs to be fixed on the ganja1447's side.
My stats look this way:
Me too. I've also noticed that the image contains all pages of stats - I'm sure it used to be the from page only.
I'm having the same problem - and it's been mentioned on one of the Facebook groups too.....
Today I have an advert, overlapping the text. I've removed the stats until this is sorted out.
I have the same issue. Hope Magnus and people can solve it.
I have got the same Problem. First of all I have copied the HTML-Code for showing the statistics at my profile-Page (GC) after deleting the old part again - no change.
Yes, everyone has the same problem. It is rendered in the pictures.

3 Answers

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My image is correct to.
@chstdu: Your last Profile Stats update was 2017-10-31. I think with the next update the bug is also fixed at your Profile Stats.
by capoaira (7.1k points)
selected by chstdu
pinkunicorn (Moderator) sayed that the bug is fixed since Yesterdy

Thaks for chosen my answer as best :D
After I forced an update via the self-support, my stats are shown correctly now. Thanks to everyone for discussing and finally resolving this issue!
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My image seems ok today - has something been fixed?

(replying rather than commenting as this thread had fallen off the Q&A page)
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.7k points)
My image still displays the same message as when I initially asked the question. Consequently, there was no general fix yet.
My image is corrected as of today. Hopefully this means that all users have been corrected. :-)
Ours is correct again as of yesterday 8/11. The overlying blue and white boxes have gone.
The problem is fixed but it also means that a lot of profile stats images need to be regenerated. It's possible that there are still some to go, but after the next regeneration things *should* be OK again.
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We got that last night, but this morning there was an additional white background message down the right hand side of our profile saying we were running an ad blocker and suggesting a paying membership would help with that. We DO have a paying membership, and as far as I know we have not set up an ad blocker. We have added an image for reference.

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
edited by GCZ Team
Really can't see why this answer was down voted! As we needed to add an image, it couldn't be done as a comment!
Agreed. I upvoted you to compensate :-)
Got the same issue. I'm a paying member on both sites GC and PGC

Here's the link:
I have the same problem