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+5 votes


I have an idea for additional overview that will fit into Profile section.

My Caching Friends (or whatever we will call it) statistics should show me the list of other geocachers sorted (DESC) by number of caches that we both found on the same day (same Found it / Attended date).

Additional filters can be applied as usual in other views.


Example: This statistics was created on Slovak website and worked until data flow from was cut back in 2011. You can still check the outcome here:

Hope the link above works for anyone.


thank you, 


in Support and help by Rikitan (3.6k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Can I assume that the table at the linked page is very out of date? I got this data when running a fast test:

| profile_name | cnt  |
| Adushka      | 2704 |
| belzebot     |  191 |
| Mikme        |  175 |
| Vigi         |  163 |
| cdrw         |  159 |
| Aknel84      |  154 |
| miro_m       |  129 |
| renreja      |  123 |
| DaPoncho     |  114 |
| sv.Augustin  |  101 |
Does it feel reasonable? I know there is an issue if someone double logs though. Solving that made the SQL query a lot slower.
by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
Wow, superfast again .. I am sorry to distract you again from your priorities.
Yes, table on linked webpage contains old data (2011) and your result make perfect sense. I am aware of slight skews due to dubble logs, i.e. but for general overview it should be good enough. And IMHO quite interesting feature for users.
Yes, not bad at all. I will look deeper into this at a later point. I don't remember exactly, but I assume that our friend suggester does something similar.

And no worries about the interruptions. I read when I have some time. Working on some different small things this evening. But going to bed any minute now.