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Hi, it is not a real bug report, but a suggestion to update and clarify the script.

The mentiond script has the following comment:

Tag comment: Will have some false negative for badegen badges that are not implementet in pgc

but it is not clear which badges are missing

On the other hand on my BadgeGen Tab on my Profile I can read which bagdes are missing:

Not all of the original badges have been implemented due to technical limitations.
The ones that are currently missing are:
The Benchmarker, The Waymarker, The Night-Owl, The Scuba-Cacher

So I suggest to add this info to the Badges & Belt script to make it more clear what may be missing in the results.


in Bug reports by Rolli2 (6.3k points)

1 Answer

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The Challenge checkers have its own forum to discuss these issues so it would be more suited there (see the link below). But anyway, as you can see, the challenge checkers are created by distinct users and only the author can change something in the checher itself, so you can send this request directly to Target. using email or message center on geocaching -- it will be probably much faster than waiting if he will have a look into this Q&A.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by Rolli2
Thanks for your info, I will  follow your suggestion and contact "Target" direct via mail.