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+5 votes
I have found at least a dozen caches above 1000 m, in Norway, Finland and on Iceland. But the highest listed is the higest elevation cache I found in the US, at just above 500 m.
I have checked the list for some of my friends, and they also lack their highest elevation caches. The only exception I found is one who had all his highest caches in the US.
The caches are not missing, e.g. my first FTF was 1200 m up,and it still is there. It is just that the high elevation list is wrong.
Looks like a bug.
in Bug reports by Y? O! (580 points)

4 Answers

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Maybe the bug is from maps or and not at PGC. When I compare the height data from my GPS and it both data are not the same.

Mabey you found here an answer

(Translated with Google)

by capoaira (7.1k points)
I noticed the problem of Shetland, and I think there may be a connection, yes. When I e.g. search for top elevation caches in Norway, a lot is missing. When I check my local region there are no caches above 497 m, even though there should be more than a dozen above 1000 m.
But how do I check elevation statistics by They don't seem to be there any more?
Oh, I use the PGC-Greasemonkey add-on (, with the script you can see the elevation in the Cache-Listings
0 votes
Looks like lot of the highest caches i had also is gone in the list, all of these caches is now archived, maybe thats the problem.
by Team Karlsen (4.2k points)
No, that is definitely not the case. I have checked some of mine, and none of them are archived.
And will a cache registration be lost when a cache is archived?
0 votes
Oh, today I saw that my highest found no longer Finse Stasjon is (actually 1100 m high) but Orrabenken (350 m high) is...
When I look on the Cache-Listing the height is 0 m...
Ok, there is a bug, but a few weeks ago, it still worked
by capoaira (7.1k points)
0 votes

I experience the same. I use to have GC34B74 Hovärken Mellantoppen as my highest. >1000 above sea level. But now i have: 487 m, Gamla riksgränsen anno 1644 GC36D2T as my highest. So yes there is something not working as it should. GC34B74 is a live cache, (not archived)

by Postis70 (1.3k points)