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Hi, I tried to sent it direct in the Challenge Checker Forum , but I'm not allowed to open a request.

Therefore here my info to the above mentioned Challenge checker.

I guess there is an airport missing. I can not find the actual Berlin airport "TXL" in the tag list of abbreviation which are used to test against it.

Thanks and greetings from Berlin :-)
in Bug reports by Rolli2 (6.3k points)

1 Answer

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The list on the cache page does no show TXL as part of the challenge

On  28.09.2012 an update states:
Certainly there are more airports in Germany, but the listed are airports and these are themselves. All others are not counted as conditional. 

(Sicherlich gibt es mehr Flughäfen in Deutschland, die aufgelisteten sind jedoch Verkehrsflughäfen und um diese handelt es sich. Alle anderen zählen nicht zur Bedingungserfüllung.)

Since not every letter of the alphabet is included in the GCCode assignment and there are no misunderstandings, here is a list of possible airports and their code:

(Da nicht jeder Buchstabe des Alphabets in der GCCode-Vergabe beinhaltet ist und keine Missverständnisse auftreten sollen, ist hier eine Auflistung der möglichen Flughäfen und deren Code:)

Listed are

FRAFrankfurt / Main
HHNFrankfurt Hahn
FKBKarlsruhe / Baden-Baden
CGNCologne / Bonn
FCNNorth wood
PADPaderborn / Lippstadt
FRAtwo bridges
by vogelbird (Expert) (56.6k points)
selected by Rolli2
Hi vogelbird, I can not agree to this answer.
There are for sure more airports available in Germany: according to this link 39 airports ( Verkehrsflughäfen ) with IATA code(sorrry for the german wiki)

Here is the english Wiki but which shows different figures: 52 with IATA code:

And here the 26 most busy airports in Germany, with Berlin Tegel - as no 4 international airport with 26 billion passengers  :

I guess there is definitive an update needed for this list , as also Berlin Schönefeld SXF no 7 of most busy airport is also missing.
And last line in the coded list is two bridges in German Zwiebrücken has the IATA code ZQW (FRA is already  - correct - used in line 5 for Frankfurt/Main.

I do not know how the procedure is, will you asked the cache owner for a list which shows the IATA code according the challenge rules or do you recomment, that I should contact the cache owner and make him aware of the wrong list?

Thanks for your help and sorry -  I new in the community and need some assistance
Only the CO of the challenge can update the list because he determines which codes he accepts in his challenge.
Feel free to write a message to him.
The CO has not listed TXL (and others) because the letters L, O and S are not used in GC codes. Therefore I can tell you - without looking - that you have not found any caches with TXL, it is simply impossible.
Hi Yellow ants,
you are right, I have founds out that L, O, S, I and U are not used in GC after I published my question, thanks
So my regret was only based on the wiki article of the IATA codes used in GErmany, not checked against GC coding..