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Number of all geocaches with/without lab caches

+2 votes
Something is wrong!
On have 5616 (with labs).
On have 5616 and 185 lab caches, it is 5801 total.
What is corect?
asked Nov 17, 2017 in Bug reports by nimir (2,050 points)
edited Nov 17, 2017 by nimir
Well, it's already fixed.

2 Answers

+5 votes

Well, clearly your statistics are correct, since project-gc draws from there.

ganja1447 commented the other day that project-gc was working toward factoring in lab caches for more than just the header.  Looks like this has now gone live.  and that lab caches are now being calculated like normal caches in the statistics. 

Everywhere, that is, except for in the header, since that used to calculate geocaches only and then add lab caches in. 

Now that lab caches are being counted with the other geocaches, it seems the last thing needed is to remove the forced add of lab caches so that they aren't being double counted.

If you look elsewhere in your statistics, the total should be accurate.  I imagine this double counting will be adjusted soon.

edit: see also discussion here

answered Nov 17, 2017 by hzoi (7,670 points)
edited Nov 17, 2017 by hzoi
I thought so.
Everything is OK.
0 votes

I just noticed the same bug.

I think it is related to the recent changes which have been planned for lab caches on PGC.

This is definitely wrong:

Lineflyer hat 4349 Funde bei 4349 verschiedenen Geocaches,

plus 128 Lab-Caches, insgesamt 4477 Funde

In fact I have 4349 finds already including the 128 lab caches.


answered Nov 19, 2017 by Lineflyer (4,250 points)