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+3 votes

to find interisting caches I tried the Top Favourite stats, to get help to fing the most valuable caches in the surrounding.

First I like to say thanks for all the effort the team has done and is still doing to support us "normal" cacher.

Now the question:

I saw 4 different colours used in the stat bars, blue and black, light blue and grey (light black).

Can you pls explain for what which colour stands in.

Thanks in advance
in Support and help by Rolli2 (6.3k points)

3 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer
Hi, I had a look at those statistics, and if I am not mistaken black is archived caches, grey is temporarily disabled ones and blue active ones. (I have not seen any light blue ones.)

But maybe others know better.
by k+gw+a (12.5k points)
selected by Rolli2
While this answer is reasonably good, it's terrible. The correct answer, as I have indicated a number of times, is to install a legend, perhaps as a popup on each graph page. I managed to get a legend installed on the live map, so that, at least, is some progress.
There are also green bars in some graphs - found by friends.
+2 votes

Yes, the disabled and archived are correct. To amend the answer from k+gw+a, the dark blue is Premium cache, while the light blue is non-premium according to my observation. But having this explained on the page with the list would be helpful.

The similar question was for Streaks, which has the description, but it is not written anywhere, but it was not fixed since.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
0 votes
Thanks k+gw+a : I had a look before I asked the question, but was to stupid to see the small info on top of the cache description:  This cache is archived / temporary disabled for the black and grey bars :-(

To all: Due to the reduction of open colours I discovered, that blue are the active and light blue are teh actual, which I already found.

So the dark blue are my new targets.

by Rolli2 (6.3k points)