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–1 vote
Hello. Unfortunately I can not permanently disable the modules. I do not want to have everything fade in and disable the modules. however, when I call the profile again, the modules are active again. How can I save these settings permanently?

in Support and help by Bavariashark67 (460 points)
What is it you do not want? The modules or something else?

3 Answers

0 votes
The Modul Cumulative finds by month. Also the language english in german.
by Bavariashark67 (460 points)
0 votes
by capoaira (7.1k points)
works for me as expected
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It works as expected. Just click on "Disable" and you immediately see the changes in

The image on your geocaching profile page might take some more time to update, but it will eventually happen.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
It does not work for me.
If I click on "disable", it turns red. => Works.
But when I look at my statistics again, the module is green again.
I had disable 11 modules, all are aktive, but I doesn't change it.
3 days ago, I disable all 11 modules again, but it don't update.
Click on the link I pasted in the answer. Do you see these modules there? I don't see "Cumulative finds by month".
If you talk about profile stats on Geocaching, you do not have there supported image, but you copied the HTML, which does not work nor does update automatically. Use the dynamic image rather than static HTML.
I use the dynamic image.

Oh, I see it's work here:
But when I Look on my there is all aktive.
Yes, showing the status would be nice if you edit the stats, but clearly it works as the result, even with the dynamic image:
The static HTML is used by Bavariashark67, which might be the problem. Anyway, the bug is not that it is not possible to disable modules, but that the status of disabling is not visible in the modulesettings. I will fill a new bug explaining what does not work, rather than this unclear discussion.
Ok, good Idea