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Labcache count in header

+5 votes

So now you have to option to switch on and off lab cache based numbers in statistics, thats good.

Since I haven't found any lab caches (and I don't intend to do) I disabled the option "Include lab caches finds where applicable" in my settings. But still it says "tadaima has 2356 finds [...], including 0 lab caches" in the heading of the profile stats.

It would be nice, if the supplement  "including ... lab caches" could be removed as well, when the above mentioned option is disabled. It doesn't make sense, when the number is 0...

asked Nov 27, 2017 in Bug reports by tadaima (12,450 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Ich glaube, dass das Modul nur das Extrafenster "Lab Caches" entfernt. Oder du musst noch warten, bis sich die Statistik aktualisiert.

Bist du ein Zahlendes Mitglied? Bei mir steht "Nur für zahlende Mitglieder"


I think that the module removes only the extra window "Lab Caches" on your stats. Or you have to wait for the statistics update.

Are you a paying member? For me it says: "Only for paying members"
answered Nov 27, 2017 by capoaira (6,920 points)
edited Nov 28, 2017 by capoaira
It would be much more helpful to answer (also) in English so also the others who will have similar problem can find the answer. You are writing an answer not only for tadaima, but everyone else who will ever stumble upon this Q&A.

Anyway, the stats are already updated and the title did not change.
Yes, I now, but I'm not so good in english. And I can explain better in German as in English.
I try to translate my answer in English, but the most I translate with Google
I have translate my answer into english with Google. I hope it is understandable
There are two options to tick: one to remove the extra tab for Labcaches and one to exclude labcache related statistics. I did both.
And yes, I am a paying member and I waited several days for the update.
+1 vote

Although I've found Lab Caches (and want to show them) in my statistics, I can imagine what tadaima guesses and requests.

Further I compared his and my statistics page and found on his page not including, but shown plus 0 Lab-Caches, which is also useless in his case (i.e. disabled Lab Cache statistics).
Additionally I find (only) in my statistics (with Lab Cache statistics set to enabled) several hints to Lab Caches in other statistics of "Found" page. My observations may lead to disable/enable Lab Cache statistics. Maybe the developer team can say something about it

answered Nov 28, 2017 by itsbrody (2,250 points)