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+1 vote
Was denkst du über das neue aussehen (und Funktionen) der Bearbeitungsseite für Caches?

What do you think about the new look (and functions) of the editing page for caches?
in Miscellaneous by capoaira (7.1k points)
edited by capoaira

1 Answer

0 votes

We have a cache which hasn't been submitted yet as it isn't quite finished, so we have just looked at the new edit facility. One of the things which stands out as very new and potentially useful is the mapping. say:

  • The page’s map is much more useful. You can now see posted coordinates and waypoints on the map. Also, we’ve switched the page’s map to OpenStreetMap, which allows cache owners to zoom in and out, as well as double-check that the coordinates are at the correct location.
Having the red overlapping circles on the map at this stage certainly may help with future planning. 
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
Yes, in my opinion one of the best changes. Also I like that all included in one page.
I dislike that unpublish Caches disable when you edit the Cache and you don't can edit a Cache, when you submit it.