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+8 votes
Currently, the map of Europe only shows countries cached, and regions and counties are only visible on individual country maps. I'd like to see the option to view regions cached in Europe, much like the individual country maps can be viewed by region or by county..

(This doesn't need to be confined to Europe, but I think that map would be the most conducive of continent maps to see this, at least for testing feasibility.)
in Feature requests by hzoi (8.3k points)
edited by hzoi
As I like all kinds of geographical statistics very much, I would second this suggestion. (For countries with very small regions, they might be difficult to see, though ...)
Me too. I would like to be able to use this proposed feature.
YES, please!!
(I believe I suggested it once before, but that remained unheard)

1 Answer

–2 votes
Yeah! I wish it too
by Riccardo98 (1.4k points)
Please, do not add "me too" answers. We have "comments" for that.
Riccardo, this is a comment, not an answer.  Don't farm pgc points off my back.