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+2 votes
On one of the computers I use Tampermonkey and the web browser extension is installed, but on I am always "not logged in" no matter how many times I do it. I noticed the information about logging out and I have, from both and, but I am still "not logged in".

Using Firefox 57.0.2

It works fine on my laptop at home.
in Support and help by doffy_74 (580 points)
I never used Tampermonky. It works fine for me with Greasemonkey on all computers. Can you try it wit this one (obviously you will need to disable the script in Tampermonkey).
Greasemonkey do or at least did not work on new version of Firefox.
It is fixed already and both extension and script work fine with the new Firefox.
Script + Greasemonkey does not work for me.
When I disable Tampermonkey the "not logged in" disappears too.
Do you have some other extensions installed, that can interfere with it?
Not that I don't have at home too.

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