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I assume that maximum distance in a day is the sum total a cacher travels from cache to cache in a single calendar date.

Today I see one cacher that has a total of over 18,000 miles as the maximum distance in a day.  That's almost 7 times the width of the United States.  Yet looking at the caches logged for the day, the cacher never left a single U.S. date.

Assuming a 24-hour day, that would mean the cacher traveled an average of over 750 miles per hour for the entire 24-hour day, and still managed to pick up around 200 caches in that single state.

Obviously something is very wrong here.
in Bug reports by caverdon (180 points)
can be. Can you share the link to the profile where you see this?
My guess is they had finds on both side of the continent and didn't log them in order so that it looks like they kept zigzagging back and forth from one side to the other - would only take 3 or 4 caches out of order to have that effect.
From what I can see, all finds (200) were in a single state.  No finds on other sides of the continent.
How do you guys explain my maximum distance in a day? It's set to 89km in 2015, June 24. I only found one cache that day - so how could it qualify for maximum distance in a day? I like to know what it really is.
Thanks for pointing that out - I added a distance filter to my find so Amsterdam wouldn't show up. Feeling pretty dumb right now :)

2 Answers

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From a quick look at their caching on the day in question I think the statistic is correct based on how they have logged the data. They've logged their caches in alphabetical order, which means they've interleaved the turtle series up in the north with the anchors away series down in the south: eg

#46 Anchors Away - Small Boy
#45 Turtle Island
#45 Anchors Away - Old Ironsides
#44 Russian Tortoise

There is a good 600km round trip between each of these which surprisingly means with just 46 or so pairs they'd get 28000 miles. So looks like its just a case of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out - in this case the fact the caches aren't logged in order).
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
This is exactly what I think happened. Good catch!
+2 votes
I hade the same problem by my trip to estonia. I started in switzerland (2 caches), then at Frankfurt I have 3 hours  to wait. I found 3 caches. Then I fligth to estonia and found an other cache. Unfortunaly I forget one from Frankfurt to log. After I log this one, my profile think I am fligth back to Frankfurt and count this distance again.
Anyway: Its only a game, not a life target.
by Grümscheler (1.7k points)
I was trying to do the following:
The cache in Tallinn was postponed to one day later. The distance to frankfurt was correct. The next day Tallinn I set the correct date again, calculation wrong again.
Isn't it possible to set the time of day when logging in?