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+1 vote
In my hidden month matrix, i have 4 month left to find in the year 2001. But in some other month, i just have found virtual caches (virtual, earthcache, webcam...) and no physical cache.

Now i want to search for physical caches in months where i only found virtuals.

I tried the Hidden Month map with a filter on all physical caches: didn't work. the result is only the 4 missing months.

Then, i tried a classic cache search via top logged cache, but with the filter physical caches and the specific month. It worked, but you have to search for every month again and again, because the months are not consecutive.

Is there are way to realise it in an easier way like to improve the filter in the hidden month search? Hope you understand what i want to do.
in Support and help by capsai (830 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
You may consider this old school, but I narrowed down your search pattern using one pocket query.  A pocket query for only traditional, multi, letterbox, and unknown caches in Germany hidden between 1.1.2001 and 31.12.2001 produces only 44 caches, hidden in every month except for January 2001 (first is Medieval View, GC26C, well worth a visit). And since you already have a traditional cache hidden in January 2001, you are set.
by hzoi (8.0k points)
That is surely a way to got. But it has the disadvantage that i have to split the pocket queries. I can't do for example a pocket query with hides from April 2002 to January 2003, because i have found physical caches in August and September 2002. So a way showing physiscal caches in all month without a physical cache found yet in one click would be better to handle, in my opinion.