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I have a question since many months! I have, on my Project-GC page, the number of cache that I found. “Bigou13 has 3458 finds on 3457 unique geocaches”. It means that I found a non-unique cache! What is a “non-unique” cache?

The first time I discovered this difference, I had found just one Virtual (now archived, the Virtual Europaeische Paesse - GCB652). I thought that it was this cache who was not a unique cache (but I have now 32 virtuals) and always this difference of one cache!

After that, I thought that it was the only Webcam Cache (Bonjour de Paris - GCHJA0 - now archived too), but I have now 6 WebCache, and always this difference.

Is the “HQ cache” is a non-unique cache (found in August 2017)?

If don’t think, because I have this difference since many time!

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you! :)

in Miscellaneous by Bigou13 (780 points)
edited by Bigou13

3 Answers

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It means that you have logged two finds on the same cache.

You can use to figure out which cache has the duplicate log. Note that when you delete the duplicate log, it will take some time for Project-GC to notice this since we don't get notifications about deleted logs.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (171k points)
selected by Bigou13
Thank you everybody !! It is now solved !! :D
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To add to what pinkunicorn said, duplicate logging typically happened by accident by clicking "Submit" several times on an original visit or by choosing the wrong log type on a subsequent visit ("Found It" rather than "Write Note".)  Some cachers would log a find on a cache each time they visited, but this was generally frowned upon.
Another reason (that was also a point of contention in certain circles) was multiple logging of moving/travelling caches.  Some, including me, believed that each time you found the travelling cache that it should count as a find because it was in a different location and "hidden" by a different cacher.  Others believed that it was still the same cache and once found, should not be "found" again.  These people would often continue to pickup and dropoff these caches but post subsequent finds with a "Write Note" instead.  To my knowledge, Groundspeak never had a policy on this so people played however they wanted.
But in the end, that's all history now as it's no longer possible to double-log a cache.
by The NightFox (410 points)
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this double registration of found it happens sometimes (and it is quite common) when we register our cache on our phone, and there is a lack of network ... it even happens often despite ourselves, suddenly project -gc allows us to locate them for derecognition as shown in the link above

traduit du francois par google

ce doublement d'enregistrement des found it arrive parfois (et c'est assez fréquent) quand on enregistre nos cache sur nos téléphone, et qu'il y a un manque de réseau ... cela arrive mème souvent malgré nous, du coup project-gc nous permet de les repérer pour les décomptabiliser comme le montre le lien ci dessus

by Chup'a (11.2k points)