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When generating Pocket Queries on, I get to check a box that says "Include Pocket Query name in download file name". This feature is somewhat useful when trying to determine which GPX files on your GPS file system you would like to delete and/or transfer.

Could a similar feature be added to the "Virtual GPS" -> "Export" -> "Build GPX" feature ?

What I am asking is to include the list name inside the zip file in the names of the actual GPX files as well instead of just in the name of the zip file containing them.

in Feature requests by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)

1 Answer

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Pocket querries are generated automatically and get a running number provided by the server. Created pocket querries (ZIP file) includes two GPX files (one file showing the caches and one file showing the waypoints) which can be individual renamed (e.g 123321.gpx -> brussel.gpx), before uploading to it to your GPS device. By this you can easily distinquish between uploaded GPX files and delete GPX files, which are not required anymore.
If you want to make changes within the GPX file, it will take some additional steps.
Every GPX file can be edited via the text editor. By this you have to change the ending of the GPX file (123321.gpx) in a TXT file (123321.txt). Afterwards open the file with your text editor and make changes to the file. Rename the file afterwards (123321.txt -> 123321.gpx) and upload it to your GPS device.
by Geo-Dragonchild (920 points)