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0 votes

I have created the checker ( but I cannot activate it. Can someone help me, how to do that?

Thanks in advance.


in Miscellaneous by YuriBS a Izzy (170 points)
edited by YuriBS a Izzy

2 Answers

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After writing the actual code you also need to click Edit script details to make sure that the Enabled checkbox is ticked. You then need to create a tag (using the Add tag button) to reference the script. In order for others to use the checker, the tag needs to also be active and refer to an existing cache.

The author of a checker can test it using an inactive tag refering to no cache at all, but no one else. You need to make a script inactive to be able to edit it. Don't forget to change it back afterwards.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
I have created script, then created a tag and after that I wrote script. I created tag, because without it script cannot be tested.
After work is done, I wanted to. activate script, but first I have activated tag and then the script. But when I click on Activate checkbox it does nothing. Inside html is onclick return false. What's wrong?
You need to click "Edit script details" first. Then you can check the box to make the script enabled and click save. After that your script should be accessible by all.
0 votes
I deleted old tag, then edit script, where I activated it an then add a new activated tag.
Thanks for help.
by YuriBS a Izzy (170 points)