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–2 votes

I do really like to use the tool "Discover Trackable's" to log TB/GC after events or after seeing larger collections.

But I would like to have the option to add a picture to the log also. I personally love to recieve logs containing photos on my TB, coins and also my own geocaches. "A picture tells more than a thousand words"...:)
This will also help you to reach your goal for the "The Shutterbug badge" if you are hunting badges.


So my question to the PGC Guru's are, Is this something that I can wish for in the future?


in Feature requests by SPvS (110 points)
edited by SPvS

1 Answer

+5 votes
The point of the discover tool is to discover many trackables at once. The point of uploading photos would seem to be to upload different photos for each trackable, and photos that are relevant for that trackable. I don't see any point in adding photos to mass-discover logs apart from making it easy for people to get the shutterbug badge easily and uselessly.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
Thank you for your answer pinkunicorn.

I do understand the good purpose with the tool to discover many trackables at once.
But I do also mean that a "random" landscape picture from your location or even a selfie is more interesting than no pictures in the log.

But that is the true beauty about geocaching, we have all our different ways to enjoy the sport....:)