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A friend of mine and me, we both logged the same geocache, but as i changed the Coordinates of the mytery - Cache (hidden from other) to the right position of the container and logged it, the Elevation is not shown.

As my friend did not change the Coordinates, the system set his found as the deepest found he could manage.

I realised that thing a little to late and setted the Coordinates back to Original, but the listed Elevation does not show up in my Statistik.

Also I managed to delete my log an set it again, but it did not help in that case.

Is there a possibility, to manage this, or can't there anything been done?

It is not a real hard problem, but I wonder about this.

If anyone has a suggestion, please contact me.

Thanks a lot

glastiger aka Albert
in Support and help by glastiger_and_family (450 points)

1 Answer

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All caches are always reported at the elevation of their posted coordinates, regardless of whether you change their coordinates or not. Also note that elevation reporting is not exact. We only get values for somewhat large areas which in steep areas means that the values often are a bot off (see the FAQ for more details about this).

You don't state what cache this is about but it sounds as if it would be one of the traveling caches placed in an ocean somewhere. Traveling caches are usually included on a bookmark list of strange caches that are not normally included in statistics which is why you don't see it in yours. It's possible to change a setting on the Profile Statistics page (under "> Settings") so that they are included (which is why it's included for your friend).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
Dear pinkunicorn,
thanks for your answer, but as i wrote:
A friend of mine logged that cache and when he did it, the evalation showed up as the deapest cache he could find.
To specify the cache: it is the Mystery-Cache: GC4Q81D
And it is not a traveling cache.
When he logged the cache, he got the evalation with -5.194 m

It is listed on the other side of our planet earth.
So I gues, that he did not change the coordinates and therefore he got the evalation. I changed the coordinates and i did not get the evalation.
Do you think I have an possibility to get it done, that I also get this evalation?
Or, as you wrote, where is the point ">setting" and wich setting do I have to change?
It's not a traveling cache but it's an antipode cache and they also belong on that list since they mess up statistics. Just for clarity, the same bookmark list is used to exclude caches from statistics at and the list is handled by one of their employees.

As I said, if you change your settings on the Profile Statistics page to not consider the official ignore list this cache will be used in your statistics (whether you have changed the coordinates for it or not).
Oh yes, thanks a lot.
Now I found the right ">setting"!
Sometimes I am to blind for the obvios!
Nice day and all the best