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+5 votes

I had an Idea of a nice feature for the Virtual GPS.

I would like to have a feature that would find caches that exist in more than one section of my list. For example:

I have a list with two section. The first section is created using missing month tool and the second section with the missing dates tool.  Now I want to create a section of caches which, if logged, would give me both a new date and a month.  

I think it could be usefull to have various set operations implemented to "merge" sections. The one above with be intersection of two sections. Difference could also make sense, I have one section where I have a set of cahces that I want to find, and then a section with caches that my friend have logged, and I can get the part of the list of wanted cahces with the cahces my friend have logged removed.
in Feature requests by r-englund (170 points)
edited by r-englund
This isn't really a question. Could you please elaborate?
Sorry, I have edit it now. Thought I was searching but created a question instead:) I'm new here

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