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–1 vote

Is it possible, that we can generate a list of all our found travelbugs including the little pics? Like in the section "Bewegte oder entdeckte TBs und Coins".

in Feature requests by ge-o-cach-er (840 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Project-GC doesn't have any data about trackables (except the number of logged) as it is today. This will probably not change in the near future due to Groundspeaks design of the API.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
There must be an error in your answer because he has all the trackable-pics in his profile. He is using a GSAK-Plugin: FSGPlugin_TravellerIconsList 2.03
If you want to know how this works: with subject FSGPlugin_TravellerIconsList
I do not understand your point. Neither that has the information or that a macro for gsak has the information makes us have the information.

I did not say it's impossible to retrieve the information. But we do not have it. And due to the design of Groundspeaks API, it is not likely that we will start to retrieve it.

There is a huge difference in generating such statistics for yourself (one user) and generating it for many thousands of users per day.