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"Unknown Error" on trying to see map of a search result

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I'll do a search - for example, caches beginning with a certain letter in my home state, so hopefully not TOO many hits - and when I hit the "map" icon at the bottom of the search results I get an "Unknown Error" pop up. Any idea why? THANKS!
asked Jan 21, 2018 in Support and help by The Snowdog (310 points)
can you give us a little more information what you do, please? I understand you search something, but where you start the search?
Go to Advanced Search. Set the Cache name to "W" and click the "Starts with" radio button. Set the location to "Oklahoma" and search. Results appear below (all caches in Oklahoma with names that begin with W). Click on the "map" icon and an error dialog appears. The text is " says: unknown error"
I have tried just as you described it, and for me it works fine.
Just tried it this morning from my work PC; same error. I wish there was a way to put a screen shot of the error dialog here.
As best I can tell, I get this error whenever a query on the Advanced Search page returns too many results. The results listing is fine, but clicking on the "map" icon generates the "Unknown Error" pop up. Got it again tonight searching for caches that begin with the letter T in the state of Oklahoma. Narrowing down the search (starting with The, or Ta) mapped just fine.

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