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0 votes
How come the cache GC4C45 got an elevation of 794m in the project-gc-statistics when the cache is located 1420m above sea level (and google seems to have the altitude correct)?
in Miscellaneous by paindivine (270 points)

3 Answers

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Best answer
The Elevation data isn't from or PGC.

Look here:
by capoaira (7.1k points)
selected by paindivine
Well that sucks that the resolution is so bad that in this particular case the elevation is of by 600 meters... Especially since both open street map and google got the correct values...
I have Looked and the gclh shows me an elevation of 1393m. I asked the writer of the script where he got the elevation data from. (
+2 votes

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. As you mentioned, both OSM and Google have significantly better values and both of them should be used for the source of the elevation in PGC.

The FAQ already mentions, that PGC does not do manual updates, but the real question is why the elevation is wrong, when the source is good.

There already were many similar question, since the change in November 2017, which should improve the things. But the elevation update was either not run for these caches (yet) or there is some bigger problem in the infrastructure, so I believe this is better to fill a support ticket, linking this thread. They might be able to reschedule the job to pull a correct elevation for your cache.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
What is "much more" than the others? 100m or 200m or more difference?
It probably depends on the correct elevation. If the elevation should be 50 above sea level and is 50 below and both google and osm data are correct, then it is "a lot". If the shown elevation is 1200 and the expected is 1300 it is probably not that big problem.
0 votes
I registered a support ticket and got the answer that they will fix it (they don't know what went wrong).Thanks for the answers!
by paindivine (270 points)