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+1 vote
I think the identification of challenge caches by title is not sufficient - I know a few in my area missed by this approach. Shouldn't there be a curated list of challenge caches, seeded with the unknown having the word "challenge" in the title, but then (community) edited? Please remember that habits for challenge caches are different especially in countries which are not so anglophilic

This would also make it easier to identify caches with missing checker and give a more precise number for the coverage

Opinions are welcome!

in Feature requests by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)
I agree on this question and asked a simiral question two days ago.
Even in the anglophilic countries we are missing quite a few, because the word challange is not in the title.
Then they technically are note a challenge cache. At least if the cache is from 2011 or later because the challenge is a requirement in the name.
But the problem exist anyways and excluding them is a problem.
The problem also exist the other way. A unknown cache with challenge in the title is not necessary a "challenge cache". It is not against the rules use the word challenge in any cache name

1 Answer

0 votes
I fully understand your comment. There are a lot of caches older than 2011 with no challange in the title ,that why I suggest making a GC number list where people can add , refer and tag them.
by vogelbird (Expert) (52.6k points)
Ok ... So why aren't you start such a list? From my point of view it makes much more sense to do the possible things first and then the "nice to haves".
The caches that seem like challenges but aren't are covered by a completely different set or rules. Challenges are the only caches with physical containers that are allowed to have ALRs (and challenges have the word "challenge" in the cache name). Any other caches that have ALRs are published a very long time ago, and those ALRs are optional (regardless of what the cache text may say).
Thank you for the answer