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I have read through the various Questions with regard to this topic - and understand what the list is and how it can be amended.

My question is slightly different

It is evident that the list is generated from scanning all the 'challenge caches' that have had notes put on by the cacher. I also understand how to amend this list by adding [NOT SIGNED] in the log if you dont want it to appear in the list.

However - How did the decision to create this list come about ? - looking at my list I have come to realise that the majority of caches listed on that section of the tab are ones that I have added a note with my qualifiers. These I have not found and signed - in fact very few will be ones that I have found prior to qualification
What this means is that I am having to go through my considerable list - one by one and search for my note/log (and unless a personal comment has been added saying when the note was made, this is scroll and search exercise) and then add NOT SIGNED to the log. I recall adding logs to over 400 such caches and so don't look forward to that task.
Having a list of caches that you have found but not yet qualified for is a very good idea - but I think formulating this list should be created a different way than selecting all those with 'notes'

For me - adding something (like [SIGNED] ) to THOSE caches will be a far less arduous task than the one I am facing above

I wonder how many others are in a similar position

in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)

1 Answer

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(I had a couple like that as well as a fair number where my note was something like "A checker for this challenge is now available at <link>", for challenges all over the world that I'm not likely to ever log.)

By doing it this way, caches you have written notes for and forgotten about will be seen, but you may have a too many items in your list. In your case, this seems to be challenges that you plan to perhaps log some time, even if you haven't actually signed them.

By doing it your way, everyone would start with an empty list and no one would find surprises like I did, challenges I signed a couple of years ago and turned out not to qualify for when I got home, wrote a note for and then forgot about.

I like the current model. Perhaps some people haven't actually signed all the challenges listed, but they have interacted with them somehow. In at least many cases, they are likely to be working on them even if the challenge is not actually signed. See this feature as a helpful todolist even if it may not do exactly what the heading says in your case.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (168k points)
Yup - for me, it is the reverse - I did actually go through most of the challenges in the UK (there was a bookmark for these) not the world and added a note to all those I qualified for - I also changed the co-ords so that they came up amended (italicised) - for me this was an identifier that I had qualified but not found.
Yes I have also gone past a few challenge caches and thought " I'll sign that and see if I qualify" - later on, "nope, but I'll work towards it" - but that list is much shorter mainly because of the work/research I have done before means the majority of caches have already been identified as qualified or not.
To be honest I wonder how many are in my position (part of the original Q) as opposed to those that go out and sign everything and then work towards them later
Having now looked through my list (the second one - Challenges signed (but not yet logged as found) of which there are 174 !!
the majority have NOT been signed
Can I clairify the icons to the right -
the Red circle is : signed but not qualified
the green tick is : this has been checked with PGC checker
Both the green mark and the red mark mean that the challenge has been checked with the PGC checker. The difference is that the green mark means that you are qualified to log the challenge and the red mark means that you are not, just like the indications on the cache icon for challenges on maps.

It's also possible to get a lock icon, which means that the cache is locked (not just archived) and thus impossible to write more logs for.