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I understand that for the FTF list cachers can use a bookmark listing their FTF caches and this is used to generate their FTF list under the FTF Tab

Can the same process be used to generate the lists for the Challenge cache list

I see a usefulness for three different lists

Challnege caches qualified for and found
Challenge caches qualified for but not found
Challenge caches found but not qualified for

as there is an issue with identifying correct challenge caches (unknowns with the word challenge in it that aren't challenge caches for example)
or challenge caches that have 'notes' but these aren't "signed but not qualified" notes

if cachers had bookmarks for the different categories this could help alleviate this problem


in Feature requests by Deepdiggingmole (13.5k points)

1 Answer

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There is a crowdsourcing system active that makes it possible for checker writers to enter new cachers without "challenge" in the name as challenges as well as report that caches that have "challenge" in the name without being challenges. This should take care of this problem when it has been in use for a while (it's just been put into action).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (176k points)
selected by Deepdiggingmole
do you have a link to that crowd sourcing
It's at and you need to have permission to write challenge checkers in order to use it.
My issue isn't to do with whether the issue with the challenge list had been solved or how. I am querying whether a bookmark list of caches on GC.comcan be used to generate a list of those caches in the challenge tab list, just the same that bookmarks are used to generate the FTF list
 please just answer that
No, you can't replace the automatic population of the challenge list with a bookmark list. You can, though, add a bookmark list with challenges (or, indeed, anything) on your profile via the settings on the Profile Statistics page.
Why is it then that with the FTF list cachers are advised to do one of 2 things - either
ensure a phrase such as [FTF] or *FTF* or similar in included in the log
create a bookmark list of all your caches that are your FTF

what is different about the list of challenge caches to those in the FTF list (apart from the obvious)  
both are simply a list of caches after all
why are both generated / populated in a different way ??
With challenges, we have a list of all challenges. (It's not perfect yet, but we hope that will correct itself soon now once there is a tool to enter exceptions.)

For FTFs, we have no clue which logs are FTF logs unless the user tells us.