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0 votes
I just joined PGC so I can track challenge caches that I haven't found.  I see them on the map and they show if I qualify or not.  Is it possible to get a list (instead of on a map) of challenge caches in my area and if I found it, if it has a checker and if the checker shows that I qualify or not?
in Support and help by rogbarn (190 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You can do this by selecting an area on the map of challenges.

Press create map

On the lefthand side of the map you see a GPS , press this and you see  draw / x / load GPS / Remove from GPS

Draw a line around the cache on the map and the inside area turns red

If you than klik on Load GPS you load those caches in the VGPS which is shown on top of the page

From the VGPS on top you can expost CSV lists or build a GPX file etc
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.7k points)
Note that this requires a paid membership with Project-GC, though.
Sorry for the delay.  I'm OK until I go to VGPS.  I know the load VGPS worked because the little tiny GPS showed up on all the cache icons on the map.  But when I click on the GPS icon at the top of the page, it displays an empty grid. What am I doing wrong?