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0 votes
Hello Project GC,

I want a Challenge Checker for a Spell Challenge, nothing difficult, but with Checker its more Attraktiv for the other Geocachers.

Who can Make me an Challenge Checker?

It must Supports Numbers, and "Ü" and the normaly Alphabet.

I Hope you can understand my Bad english.

Thanks Basty
in Miscellaneous by derBasty (120 points)
edited by derBasty
What's the slogan, which should be checked?
Hello Torsten,
"Original Thüringer Rostbratwurst - 3213 m"

The "-" is not required

Its a long Checker i Know.

Nice wars the "Ü" i dont want "UE" as spare for the "Ü".

In another topic someone said, the GC code is needed, since nobody has responded, I have now created a listing, and here is the GC code.
Now I hope someone responds.

greets Basty



1 Answer

0 votes
tagged a checker
i removed the when it is not nessesay.
I suspect the spaces are not intended to be needed to be find ether. The checker ignores them.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
Nice that you make a Challenge Checker :)