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+3 votes

Since there is a limit of 3000 items to be displayed in some lists, it would be useful to have a filter that excludes caches already in a certain VGPS list.  (you can include only ones already on a list)

For example, I want to build a vGPS of all the geocaches in Finland wit a given set of filters, but I can only display a list of 3000 at once.   After I add these to a vGPS list, it would be great if I could then exclude the caches on that list from subsequent searches, In this way, I could quickly populate the vGPS list they way I want it.

There may be other reasons why excluding caches from a list would be useful.  Comment below if you have a use case for this feature.

in Feature requests by TravelingGeek (1.2k points)
I fully support this request because the workaround using a GC Bookmark list (which can be used as ignore list) failed.

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