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I had the web browser extension for a while now in my Chrome browser. Since it had grammatical errors, I wrote to PGC and they said it is fixed now. I uninstalled Tampermonkey (and obviously the script as well with it) and reinstalled it. I downloaded the script, but it is not working at all.. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled a couple of times. Nothing. What did I do wrong?
closed with the note: case solved =) =)
in Miscellaneous by Bernike (1.1k points)
closed by Bernike
no idea ... sorry
You did not provide enough information to figure out what problem is it. Please, note what versions of browser, Tampermonkey extension and the script you have. If you see the extension correctly installed, if you see the script correctly installed, if the extension is enabled and so forth.
I have the latest version of Chrome. I downloaded Tampermonkey from the link pgc provides. Also, the script from GreasyFork. It is installed and it is enabled. I did the same procedure when it was working. Now it isn't..

1 Answer

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Now it is working! They released a new version and it works just fine! =)
by Bernike (1.1k points)
Thanks! I don't understand such things, but I am glad it is fixed now =) =)