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Increasingly, I am convinced that useless questions appear in the community support.
I get the impression that PGC points can easily be scored this way.
Why does frequent use of the great features count less than unnecessary questioning?

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Thank you
in Miscellaneous by fankido (2.4k points)
Ok. I asked for feedback and I'm getting it.
I do take into account, that there is real need for community support, no doubt. I too use community support. It's very helpful.
Two years + have passed since you asked this.  Over the past several months, I have noticed people tend to post a question without searching keywords to see if it was already asked and answered.  I could get irritated with this but I don't because it provides an opportunity for me to be helpful when I can answer a question.  If I don't know, I will defer it to someone else to provide an answer.  Besides, I am rewarded for my time helping out on this forum and I appreciate that.

Determining what is "unnecessary" is subjective and can change from person to person.  Just like determining what is a useful question also fits that category. Frequent users, experts, and moderators seem to be effective in helping to discourage "useless" with down voting.
Hi TigreToot
Thanks for your reply.
just to make shure and classify your comment correctly. Does it have any belonging to my newly asked question or ist it a reply in order to answer to my ranting?
Your recent posts did inspire me to look you up and check out other questions you have asked or answered.  I learn about PGC the more I do that and it helps me to be more effective and helpful when answering questions. No, this has nothing to do with your recent posts and it's just a response to what you refer to as "ranting." LOL, no worries I don't consider it ranting and only see it as a concern.

I have already encountered issues similar to what you describe. Most disturbing, I encountered a very hostile user who thought I was a PGC staff member at first.  He didn't like my response and proceeded to go in and down vote me on every one of my questions.  None of the questions had anything to do with his question.  He has since been down voted so much that he is now locked out of the voting, thank the stars. I've also encountered a certain moderator on here that is very strict about the "useless chatter."  At first, I got pissed but now I'm just annoyed with this person.  It's how the person answers that bothers me.  Anyway, I've learned to just ignore as much as possible.

Attempts to help out here have been positive for the most part.  But, I've learned not to get irritated with questions and stay neutral in my responses.  Some of the questions do make me wonder if they are "farming" points.  It's not for me to decide that, so, I just answer the question if I can and if not I just let someone else deal with it.

Actually commenting on this old thread taught me 2 things already: 1. It doesn't cause the thread to bump all the way to the top, thankfully.  I suspect answering would have done that. 2. I didn't think you would see my comment and respond and now realize that people do find comments on older threads.  I found that update link by my screen name so now I know.

Sorry for the long comment but just letting you know my thoughts.  Take care.
Very well. Thank's.
Since I submit my questions with "Email me" flagged I get an Email when there is an update to one of my questions or comments.
So this teached me something I already suspected: The Email systems are working. Both, this one and mine :-D - sorry, but this side kick was invited.

No worry, I try to be reasonable and correct in my postings, same way as if we were facing one to one. It's hard for me understanding why someone drops his mask when more or less anonymous. Anyway, that's how it is.

I appreciate your forward response and also your passion helping users out getting along with this great site.

Take care too

2 Answers

+1 vote

community support is for everyone and all countries ... necessarily, we have different questions ... thanks to the moderators to coordinate all this ...
for the points psg, the point of view that write would bring back too many points compared to the consultations of the statistics will undoubtedly be taken into account by our moderators ... my point of view is to offer the help to the greatest number with usability even if it does not earn a psg point ...
 traduit par google translate du français

le support de communauté est pour tout le monde et tous les pays ... forcement, nous avons des questionnements différents ... merci aux modérateurs de coordonner tout cela ...

pour les points psg, le point de vue qu'ecrire rapporterait trop de points par rapport aux consultations des statistiques sera sans doute pris en compte par nos modérateurs ... mon point de vue est d'offrir l'aide au plus grand nombre avec convivialité méme si ca ne rapporte pas de point psg ...

by Chup'a (11.2k points)
0 votes

It does not.

Useful feature requests, ideas are discussions topics are getting upvotes. Useless questions usually don't. And there already was a discussion if a question or answer is useful or useless, but we probably need to revisit that from time to time.

In any case, this is also the reason, why there are people with "Moderator" status, who could interfere if it would cross the line. It did not from my point of view, but I already pointed out in the comments of some questions. Feel free to use the comments too in doubts.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)