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+1 vote
Is it possible to add the ability to receive notifications like log changes, change of fav points etc. for certain caches, that I'm not own?

For me it is very useful, because I maintain a cache created by a team, not only by me.

Or, if this is not possible, to add a second mail address for notifying these things?
in Feature requests by Team Shark Attack (130 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
You can add the cache to your watch list (top right corner on the cache page) and you would get notifications about new logs. This way you would get an email about DNF, NM, NA and other logs, which would allow you to keep an eye and maintain the cache.

As of favorites or log changes, I do not know if that's possible.
by EggsTheBest (400 points)
No, it is not possible for edited logs and favorites, which was asked in the question.
Groundspeak functions are well known, the topic is regarding the PGC features, which already work for owned caches.
As this is not possible in PGC yet, I've put it into feature request section.