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I have categorized this as a bug report since it does not make much sense to send out a notification of a pending event after the event has been held.

I just got an event notification for an event today:

GC7K91F - Påske, legeplads og souvenirs 1

Date: Sunday the 25th March, 2018 (in about 0 days from now)
Type: Event Cache
Cache Owner: Quakersteam
Will attend: 9
Coordinates: N 56° 11.360 E 010° 40.090
Distance from home: 32 km
Location: Denmark / Midtjylland / Syddjurs
Add to calendar (ICS)

It is marked as having been sent at 16:12 today. The event was today at 11:00. It was published at March 9th.

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in Bug reports by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
closed by Funky_Boris

1 Answer

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True, but the system does not know when on the day an event is held. That information is only listed in the description, and a program can't easily read and understand that. Also, I assume that you have some kind of Will Attend level set for your notification. If so, the risk is that the notification comes rather late since many people tend to log WA very late (if at all).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (169k points)
selected by Funky_Boris
I know that. The point was not the time of day. The point is that it was published on march 9th and notification is sent out on the same day of the event.
I kind of assumed you had set a Will Attend threshold for your notification that happened to not be met until the day of the event (people tend to log WA ridiculously late).

Exactly how does your notification look?
I fail to see how your two statements are connected, but the second one seems to explain it: The will attend threshold was indeed not crossed until the day before the event, likely triggering it the day after that.

If you will add an "EDIT:" section to your original answer suggesting that, I will reward best answer.

... and adjust the threshold for that notifier back to zero :)
My second comment is just an explanation of my (subconscious) thinking when I wrote my first answer. I can put that in the text there as well.