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+3 votes

Some time ago I've been looking for most popular caches in Warsaw. What we have now are tops:

- overall finds

- FPs

- log images

I find one ranking missing - "Find frequency"

Why such stats?
It shows how often the cache is being found. Such data can be found in profile stats, but if you want to see global scores, you are not able to do it now. It can also show upcoming leaders in TOP FINDS for example ;)


What's your opinion?



Mikolaj 赏月者
in Feature requests by 赏月者 (2.3k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Not sure what fund frequency would indicate. It could be a new cache with all the local cachers ticking off a nearest cache or could be on an easily accessible highway getting passing traffic.
by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
Hi Chris,
I can give you an example that shows how this ranking would work.
Take a look on Top Logged caches in Warsaw:

It shows that the most popular cache in Warsaw is "W Centrum Warszawy". In fact it has 1367 finds since 09.05.2006, what gives find frequency: 2,29 days/found it log
And mine cache "Warsaw Museum of Technology", 828 finds since 09.09.2011, what gives find frequency: 1,4 days/found it log

Finds frequency for hidden cahes is available in profile stats in Hides tab, so why there is now way to compare such data with other players?

I agree that the image can be false for very young caches, but in longer perspective it can show trends and most frequently visited caches.