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Is it possible to filter top caches a year by nationality instead of location?

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Hi, I just wanted to compare this year's overall finds between my geofriends and me. (Top caches a year).
But the filter always demands a specific location/country. We all have  the same nationality but we often cache abroad. Wich means that a lot of caches are not included and that the stats are not accurate.

So would it be possible to maken a filter "nationality".
Or include the filter option "World", or make it possible to add several country's in the filter?
In that case all the found caches would be included

asked Apr 18, 2018 in Feature requests by Sportilicious (1,930 points)
What query were you running that isn't showing what you want?

What are "top caches a year"? Do you mean number of caches or something else?

How many "friends" do you want to look up? Is it quicker to just load their profiles and get the number of finds per year from that.
Several friends, and it would be nice to see our ranking compared to others aswell. + I don't want to run everyone's name again trough the filter in , let's say, 3 months from now...

2 Answers

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I am not 100% sure what you want to achieve. But you write that you all have the same nationality, so maybe the normal "top finders" statistic does the trick? There is no need to indicate anything for the cache location, just the "nationality" of the finders. (In reality it's not the nationality but where PGC assumes you are living.) As a result you get a list of cachers with their finds broken down according to years. If you want one specific year only, you can filter additionally for logdate (from - to).

As an example the statistics for Belgium: Note that all finds are included (whereever in the world) for cachers assumed to live in Belgium.
answered Apr 18, 2018 by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
I did that and they didn't include all the caches all over the world. That's why I asked the question. He only gave my founds in Belgium.
That's very strange, indeed. Are you sure you left the fields "Cache location" blank? Or erased whatever might have been filled in there by default (PGC seems to copy the data from your latest search)?
If I run the statistics, it clearly counts all my finds, everywhere. (I have currently a bit more than 5000 finds in Belgium, and as you can see the table shows a bit more than 8000 finds for me, so all my finds wherever on this planet.)
Could this be a paying members feature?
No, this is a basic feature.
If I leave the "cache location" blank it doesn't run at all... i tried then & I just tried again :p
But you have defined from which country the cachers you want to compare are, haven't you? (Otherwise you get an error message.)
Can you tell me from which country you are?
'm from Belgium
0 votes
I don't know what changed or happened, but now it works fine...
answered Apr 26, 2018 by Sportilicious (1,930 points)
Okay, great to hear that. I was wondering why it did not work for you ...