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My beloved drop-down-list for placing caches from to my different VGPS-lists have been gone for three days now. Also adresses and regions, the live map and so on. Once -  my drop-down-list showed up, but... in less than a minute it was gone again.

I've already tried to uninstall and install the script again, but it didn't help.

Is there anybody out here who knows something that might help?

I'm using Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 (64-bitars)
in Support and help by Newtommon (2.9k points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
I think that I've solved the problem. I downloaded the latest version of greasemonkey and then checked all the boxex in the dropdown list in pgcs button on the top of gc page, saved the changes and made an reset. I've done this before a couple of times but with no result. But now after updating the greasemonkey the project gc script seems to be working all right again.
by Newtommon (2.9k points)
selected by Newtommon