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0 votes

I scrolled through my stats and saw that the fairly new "Average D/T per year" section is arranged as one column with a scroll bar instead of one column, like the rest (at least in German).

I reckon the scroll bar is due to the very long "Durchschnittliche Schwierigkeit"/"Durchschnittliches Gelände", but there seems to be a spacing bug as the bars of Avg D kind of overlap with the year of T:

I also looked into the Crowdin translation strings - there is a shorter version approved ("Mittleres Gelände") which is used directly above, but somehow not implemented here.
I'll also suggest "Mittlere Schwierigkeit" on Crowdin.

There's another option: To display "average" via ø (unicode U+2300, Diameter Sign). This would save enough space even in languages with longer words... 

in Bug reports by clappy (16.3k points)

3 Answers

+4 votes
I changed from "Durchschnittliche" to "Mittlere". Lets see if this fits, else I will use the average symbol.

Please be reminded, that the change will only be visible after the next upload from Crowdin by the site admin.
by Lineflyer (4.4k points)
Thank you very much!

I thought as much that it's a translation thing in German.
That's a good catch. I noted this issue as well but did not think so far it could be an issue with the string length in the header. There are some inconveniently long words in German unfortunately, "Geschwindigkeit" (velocity) being another example... Seems to be fixed now (could also have said "Durchschn. Schw." and "Durchschn. Gel." in the second header but this way is also fine).
+1 vote
This does not show in the original English original so this is just a problem of the translation.

The problem with shortening "Schwierigkeit" as "D" might be tricky since it is not actually a shortcut in German, so I would vote for shortening the word average as you propose. I am not sure if this QA is visited by any German translators, but they will be able to react if you open directly the issue in the translation tool, ideally with pinging somebody who approved this specific translation.

I will open the issue in translation system.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
+1 vote
I just noticed, that the shortening was not sufficient to solve the display bug in German, thus I just changed it again on Crowding to use "ø" instead of "Mittlere".

This should definetely suffice to fit in the line.
Again it might take some time until this is live.
by Lineflyer (4.4k points)