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+12 votes

Could the VGPS controls available on Map Compare be replicated on LiveMap?

Currently it looks like the only way to add caches to the Virtual GPS is to add them one by one by clicking each icon.

I find the tool to circle and capture several caches on the map is particularly useful: however it only exists on Map Compare.

Would that be feasible to implement on LiveMap?

in Feature requests by Carangue (920 points)
edited by Carangue
Add about another 10 upticks - this has been requested before (by me!)
Thanks the Seagnoid. I did search with key words for a similar request and did not see one.
Let's hope the community votes for this feature with some upticks - it'd be great to see that implemented on LiveMap

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi, you can use every statistic output refined by your personal finder. Than create a map and you can than use the VGPS controls with the "circle line".

That's the way I create my several VGPS lists
by Rolli2 (6.3k points)
Thanks for your input Rolli2.
I still would like to see the VGPS controls in *LiveMap* just like in Map Compare
-it would be handy to add/select caches for some specific virtual GPS lists and eliminate steps fiddling with work arounds